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Cover of the book EN LOS ZAPATOS DE VALERIA of Elísabet Benavent
496 pgs.

Just published and already number one on Apple as well as number one on Amazon!

Get hooked on the Valeria phenomenon, you’ll fall in love!

Valeria writes love stories.

Valeria experiences sublime love.

Valeria has three friends: Nerea, Carmen and Lola.

Valeria lives in Madrid.

Valeria loves Adrián until she meets Víctor.

Valeria needs to be honest with herself.

Valeria cries, Valeria laughs, Valeria walks…

But sex, love, and men are not easy objectives.

Valeria is special.

Like you.

EN LOS ZAPATOS DE VALERIA (In Valeria’s Shoes) was originally self-published on Amazon and soon catapulted to the top of the bestseller lists; Suma’s trade edition is already number one on Apple and Amazon! Addictive, hilarious, emotional, and sensual, Valeria has arrived so you can laugh and cry and, perhaps, once again believe in love.


"Funny, sensual, sweet (…) An opportunity to discover love and dream of the life that all of us deserves.” Ana Rosa Magazine

"What a story…love, friendship, sex and good vibes among friends. It reminds me of a Spanish version of Sex in the City. I encourage you to read it, you’ll love it! I devoured it in two days.”

"So entertaining, you’re hooked from the first pages!”