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Ana Meliá

Photo of the author: ANA MELIÁ
Ana Meliá

Ana Meliá was born in Valencia (Spain) where she lives and is dedicated to teaching Spanish Literature since 1986.

During all this time her priority has been to move teens to feel the great pleasure of reading. On her own words:

"I had a student named Alba. I had given her all the novels I know would please her, and when I ran out, I tried with others, but she did not liked these ones, and she returned them to me after few pages -children don't cheat or fool themselves!- up to a day on which she asked to me: 'But if you know what I like to read, why don't you give it to me?' For her, it was another comment that she even does not remember, but I thought: "It's true, I know what they like to read. Why don't I write it?" so I sat down, and started Andrea. Alba was the beginning of everything."